Unannounced Title

Huh? Hi. We're currently cooking up something! (2019-2020)

Cancelled Game

Click to read article on project cancellation. (2018-2019)


Supported in animation and services for Night School Studios. (2017-2018)

After Party

Animation Services for Night School Studios' game in development

Foglands Gaslight

VR Action Game set in our universe, The Foglands. Currently In Development

AR Super Chess

Play Chess in Augmented Reality!

The Mummy Mobile Game

Assisted Night School Studios with Mobile Game Development and Art Management

The Mummy

Supported in design and PM services for Night School Studios. (2017-2018)


Independent IP set on a far off world covered in fog (2015-2018)

Escape Bloody Mary

A VR Horror Escape Room for the HTC VIVE

Escape Bloody Mary (VR)

First game release by Well Told! Click for Steam store page. (2016)

Vapor Riders ’99

A fast paced, yet nostalgic, VR racing platformer utilizing ski based movement controls and aerial gliding

Building Adventure Platform

View a world from above or dive in to explore in VR.


Your digital ambassador through time and space is a cute orange dinosaur!

Foglands Hill

If you can survive the night, well, that would be a hell of a story.

AR Pop-Up Books

Mobile AR/VR Development and Character Animation services for Playing Forwards

Foglands Cinematic

Short film introducing the world of Foglands

AR/VR Architecture Visualizations

Turnkey platform developed to view buildings from both an AR and VR perspective

The Mountains

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Just Ride

July 16, 2014

Mobile Weather App

September 22, 2013

LowPoly Social

September 22, 2013


March 23, 2013

Remember Winter

March 23, 2013

Box – Ext. Content

March 23, 2013

The Moose

March 23, 2013